Spotted: Carvajal Wears Pulled Up Adidas 23-24 Long Sleeve Kits

Real Madrid's Dani Carvajal has been spotted wearing a unique kit style in the ongoing 23-24 season.

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Carvajal 23-24 Kit Style: Pulled Up Long-Sleeve Shirt

The Spanish defender wears an Adidas authentic kit with long sleeves, but what makes his style different is that he pulls up the shirt until, almost, the elbow. This makes it difficult to spot the long sleeves at first glance.

In 23-24 pre-season, Carvajal wore standard short sleeves, but for the first competitive matches he chose the short-long-sleeve style.

Carvajal is one of two players to wear long sleeves this season. The other player is Bellingham, who wears full-length sleeves.

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