Exclusive Leak: Nike to Introduce New Breathable Mesh Logos for 2024 Kits

Footy Headlines can exclusively reveal that Nike will be introducing new mesh logos for their 2024 kits.

Nike's new innovation follows just one year after the company introduced Nike Grind logos, which seem to be gone for the 2024 kits again.

Nike 2024 Authentic Logos

The new Nike crests for their 2024 national team kits feature inner elements made of a breathable mesh material while other elements will be made of 3D silicon. This is to increase breathability and reduce weight.

From what we have seen the mesh material will be the same as mesh fabric, but as part of the logos, it is a real innovation.

The new mesh logos will only be used for authentic kits and will only be recognizable when viewed up close. For example, the England picture shows the mesh logo, but it is very hard to recognize.

The Swoosh will be made from standard 3D silicon.

The new Nike mesh logos will be launched for the 2024 national team kits and will be used in the 2024-25 season.

Innovation or not needed? What do you think of mesh logos? Let us know in the comments below.