Revealed: Manchester United Players Struggle With Kit Issues

Manchester United players have been facing issues with their kits in the 2023-2024 season, according to Mike Keegan from the Daily Mail.

Too Tight Socks & Non-Fitting Authentic Player Goalkeeper Kit: Manchester United Players Reportedly Struggling with Kit Issues

The Manchester United 2023-2024 home socks are said to be too tight and haven't been used since game two. The socks are likely too tight because of the incorporated graphic design that restricts the stretch of the socks, according to former Adidas designer Marcus Dilley.

Additionally, goalkeeper Andre Onana's match authentic jersey is too small, so he has been wearing a replica instead. In the latest matches wearing the authentic kit, he opted for a larger size, resulting in a kit that was too long.

It's unclear if the kit issues have affected the players' performance on the field, but Adidas are reportedly working on a solution.

Manchester United Kit Issues - Key Facts

  • Manchester United players struggling with kit issues since the start of the 2023-2024 season
  • Home socks 'too tight' - haven't been used since game 2
  • Onana keeper jersey is too small, so he has been wearing the replica (fan) version
  • adidas working on it

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