Manchester United to Release 24-25 Kits Later Than Usual?

The Manchester United 2024-25 kits will be released later than this year. This can be leaked by Footy Headlines.

Manchester United 2024-2025 Kit Release Dates

Not a single Manchester United 2024-2025 football kit will be released before July 1, 2024. This is because their deal with Teamviewer runs until Sunday, June 30, 2024. The new deal with Snapdragon starts on 1 July 2024.

Will Manchester United launch the kits only after the Euro 2024?

Footy Headlines expect the Manchester United 2024-2025 home kit to be launched first (early/mid-July), followed by the away (late July/early August), and the third (late August).

With July 1 being a Monday, a launch of the Manchester United 2024-2025 home kit on 1 July 2024 seems possible.

What is special about this summer is that the Euro 2024 will take place from mid-June until mid-July. The Euro 2024 final takes place on 14 July 2024 - a launch of the Manchester United 2024-2025 home kit after the Euro could be better for publicity.

Meanwhile, the Manchester United 2024-2025 anthem jacket and pre-match jersey will be already launched in mid-May 2024.

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