Next-Gen Nike Phantom 2 2024 Boots Revealed - Nike Merge GX & Luna Silos

Update: After a seemingly unintentional reveal on December 27, 2023, Nike/independent stores today released new pictures of the next-generation Nike Phantom football boots. They will be launched on Friday, 8 January 2024.

Out of nowhere, Nike today revealed the next generation of the Nike Phantom shoe, to be available from Monday, 8 January 2024. The first edition is a special edition called the Nike Phantom 'Vortex' football boots. What is most remarkable is that Nike have merged the Luna and GX - the only difference between the two is the collar - high-cut (Luna) and low-cut (GX).

Nike have merged the Luna and GX

The launch version of the next-generation Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 was originally intended to be called 'LV8'. Nike have changed the name to 'Vortex' for whatever reason.

The next-generation Nike Phantom Vortex soccer cleats will be worn by Haaland plus other select high-profile Nike players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, Gavi, and Rodrygo.

Nike Phantom Luna 2/GX 2 Vortex - Green Glow/Black

This picture shows the new Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 Vortex football boots.

The launch edition of the next-generation Nike Phantom 2 football boots has a striking design. They combine a Green Glow base with two multicolor Swooshs.

Next-Gen Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 Soccer Cleats - Tech

Tech-wise, the Nike Phantom GX/Luna 2 football boots are made for passing and ultimate control. The Phantom Luna and GX are identical, except for the collar - high-cut for the Luna, low-cut for the GX.

Nike Phantom Luna 2 - High-Cut

Nike Phantom GX 2 - Low-Cut


The next-generation Nike Phantom ll soccer cleats' upper is made of an improved Flyknit yarn with different textures that achieve an infinitely softer finish and much more grip, which does not need several uses to soften. It has a dotted finish along the strike zone, with more grip to facilitate control and improve passes. All are covered by ACC technology.


Thanks to the new shell, Nike have implemented a one-piece inner layer that acts as a structure and keeps the foot completely watertight and wrapped. Nike continue to use classic string slightly oriented towards the outside for a clean shooting zone.


The new sole plate for the next-generation Phantom football boots builds on the sole plate of the first Phantom Luna football boot. It combines several types of studs to provide traction and rotation in all directions. Conical studs with 3 rounded edges are combined in a plate with a stabilizing bridge, wider than the previous Luna.

Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 Vortex - Features

  • Special Launch Edition
  • Second generation of Nike Phantom GX/Luna
  • Endorsed by top players like Haaland, Enzo Fernández, Foden, Rodrygo, Gavi & Camavinga
  • Made for passing control and shot accuracy
  • Updated Nike Gripknit and improved Flyknit
  • Updated thumbprint texture - evokes memories of Total 90 Laser II
  • Nike Cyclone 360 Front Studs Element: Traction pattern characterized by a circular array of studs near the toes for better agility and reduced risk of injuries
  • Price: 290 Euro (Luna - high-cut)/280 Euro (GX - low-cut)
  • Colorway: Green Glow/Black
  • Release date:Monday, 8 January 2024

The new Nike PhantomLuna/GX 2 Vortex cleats are available from Monday, 8 January 2024, retailing at USD 305 (high-cut)/280 (low-cut). There won't be any takedowns.

The shoe bag comes with the name Phantom GX Luna, not depending on the specific shoe

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