Puma La Liga 23-24 Hi-Vis Winter Ball

Spanish La Liga and Puma are set to release a new Hi-Vis ball for the dark months of the year.

Puma Orbita Hi-Vis La Liga 23-24 Winter Official Match Ball

As usual, the Hi-Vis edition of the Puma Orbita La Liga 2023-2024 ball replaces the white base with yellow.

The design and accent colors of the Puma Hi-Vis La Liga 2023-2024 football build on the regular white ball.

The Puma 2023-2024 Hi-Vis La Liga ball has the same technology as the official La Liga 23-24 ball. It retails at a price of 150 Euro.

2023-2024 Hi-Vis La Liga Winter Ball - Features

  • A 12-panel design with equal-sized panels and reduced seams provides balanced weight and flight behavior
  • Enlarged and deep seams also affect aerodynamics
  • Durable three-dimensional and 1.2mm thick PU surface
  • Innovative POE for for firm grip, improved rebound and power
  • Puma Air Lock valve for air retention
  • Less water absorption
  • Rubber bladder

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