'The Rock' Was Criticized for Wearing Fake Manchester United Kit on Halloween

Hollywood actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson dressed up as the England football legend when he donned a David Beckham shirt for Halloween. However, this sparked controversy when The Rock donned a fake Manchester United shirt.

The Rock x Fake Manchester United kit

The Rock posted photos of himself wearing the Beckham 7 shirt on his personal Instagram page to celebrate Halloween. But fans quickly realized it was a very obvious fake Manchester United shirt, with no Adidas logo on the front.

As well as wearing a muscle-tight Manchester United kit, Johnson even donned a wig to resemble the long blonde hair Beckham had when he played for Real Madrid.

Interestingly, the font on the fake Manchester United shirt reuses the font used by Adidas for the 2014 World Cup.
But many people criticized Johnson's jersey, wondering why a top Hollywood star couldn't wear the authentic kit.

The simple reason why The Rock isn't wearing an authentic Adidas Manchester United kit could be because The Rock has a huge partnership with Under Armour. So he can't wear jerseys from other brands.

Edward Norton x Manchester United classic kit

As well as The Rock, actor Edward Norton also wore a classic Manchester United shirt on Halloween. This is the 98-99 Manchester United home shirt, the season in which Manchester United won the historic treble.

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