Adidas Bring Back 1986 World Cup Ball Design

Adidas have silently brought back the design of the iconic 1986 World Cup ball, as spotted by Argentinian experts Marca de Gol.

Adidas making this ball already available may have been a mistake

The Adidas 1986 World Cup-inspired ball has made its debut in Argentina and is specifically dedicated to the Argentina national football team. However, the ball might has been added accidentally as there is no custom product description for the ball yet - it just has the name "Afa23 Clb", while the description is 100% generic.

AFA 23 Football - Adidas 1986 Retro-Inspired (Takedown) Soccer Ball - Argentina Edition

The Adidas Argentina 2923-2024 retro-inspired ball pays homage to the classic design of the 1986 World Cup ball, bringing back a sense of nostalgia for football fans.

As of now, the ball has been introduced as a takedown version, and it is uncertain whether it will be officially adopted as the match ball for Liga Argentina and the Argentina national team, with the possibility of expanding to other nations in the future. Adidas enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting confirmation of its official status.

Adidas 1986 Retro Soccer Ball - Key Features

  • Retro design inspired by the 1986 World Cup ball
  • Launched in Argentina as a dedication to the Argentina national team
  • Currently released as a takedown version only
  • Official status for Liga Argentina and the Argentina national team yet to be confirmed
  • Colorway: White/Black
  • Product code: AR1986
  • Price: $ 29.999 Argentinian Peso - around 20 USD
  • Release Date: Available now, only in Argentina

The Adidas 1986 Retro ball is currently available in a takedown version in Argentina only.

Do you hope for a wider release? Should brands return to classic looks for footballs more often? Let us know in the comments below.