Exclusive: Adidas to Release Special David Beckham Collection

Footy Headlines can exclusively leak that Adidas are going to launch a special David Beckham collection in fall 2024.

Adidas Original David Beckham 2024 Collection

According to Footy Headlines sources, the Adidas Originals DB 2024 collection will include various different items, including t-shirts, jackets, pants, and sneakers.

We hope for remake boots and kits, but it appears unlikely

Adidas Predator Pulse Beckham 2004 - image via Kabinenklassiker

It is possible that the Adidas Beckham collection will also bring us remake Predator football boots, but we cannot confirm this yet. A remake football kit of his time at Real Madrid would also be a great idea, but it appears very unlikely as of today.

Footy Headlines has no information yet on the design of the Adidas Originals Beckham 2024 collection.

Earlier in 2019, Adidas also launched a special collection for Beckham.

Do you like that Adidas release a special David Beckham collection? Are you're hoping for a Predator remake or a Real Madrid kit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.