Adidas Update Three Stars for Argentina

Update: The first revealed Argentina 2024 Adidas collection shows off the updated three stars. The close-up pictures also reveal something new - The center star at the top is bigger than the stars on the outside.

After the 2022 World Cup, the existing two-star kit has been updated with a third star to mark their third World Cup victory. The third star has been added to the top of the existing two-star badge. The Argentina 2024 kit and collection is the first regular launch featuring three stars for the AFA badge.

New Adidas Argentina 3-Star Logo

The three stars for Argentina are now aligned differently, with the center star only slightly above the other two. The two outer stars are now further apart than before. The top star is slightly bigger than the other two.

This new star placement will debut on the Argentina 2024 kits and collection.

The colors of the badge are also different for the 2024 home kit. Celebrating the 2022 World Cup victory, the logo is gold/white without any blue.

Argentina 2024 DNA Jacket Featuring New 3 Stars Logo

Thanks to Marca de Gol for the below picture.

The Adidas Argentina 2024 DNA collection featuring the new stars logo was already released in December, while the match kit will come out in March 2024.

What do you think of the new three stars on the Argentina football kit? Do you prefer it over the old ones? Let us know in the comments below.