Ajax Wear Three Dots on Kits Against Social Media Hate

AFC Ajax, the popular Dutch football club, are taking a standout step to combat social media hate.

AFC Ajax Takes a Stand Against Social Media Hate By Wearing Three Dots on Kits

In their upcoming matches, the players will wear a custom jersey adorned with three white dots instead of their names. The three dots symbolize the universal sign for silence and the report button for hate messages. Ajax's initiative is designed to encourage individuals to take action against online hate.

SilenceSocialHate is the hashtag that Ajax are using to promote their effort. The club's research shows that while the majority of Dutch people are offended by social hate messages, only a small percentage take action to report them. This normalization of hate speech is what Ajax hopes to combat with their new jersey design.

Brian Brobbey, one of Ajax's star players, said it best: "Social hate will continue for as long as we allow it to. Don’t ignore it, report it."

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