Should Adidas Release This Bayern München Kit?

Based on a new unreleased EQT-inspired Adidas Fortore 24 teamwear template, we have created a retro Bayern Munich kit concept and the result is truly stunning. It makes us wonder if Adidas should release this shirt in 2024.

The standard teamwear option will just cost you 28 Euro when being launched in early 2024

When we shared our concept on X early, thousands of fans celebrated it.

Bayern München 2024 Retro Concept Kit

This picture shows a fictional look of the new Bayern München 2024 retro jersey based on Adidas 2024 teamwear template.

Our Bayern Munich retro concept shirt is predominantly red, with the highlight being the three stripes on the shoulders extending down to the chest, reminiscent of the Bayern Munich home shirt from 1991-1993.

Earlier this year, Adidas also launched the Bayern Munich remake kit inspired by the EQT style from 1993-1996.

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It is extremely unlikely that Bayern Munich or Adidas will release this teamwear-based kit, even though it would be a win-win-win situation for the fans, club, and brand. The Adidas Fortore 24 has a recommended retail price of just 28 Euro, making it affordable and allowing for a healthy profit margin.

Do you like this Bayern Munich kit? Do you want Adidas to release it in 2024? Comment below.