Cremonese 23-24 Christmas Kit Released

We have kit news from the Italian Serie B as Cremonese and their supplier Acerbis released a special 23-24 Christmas shirt.

Cremonese 23-24 Christmas Kit

Check out Acerbis' Cremonese 23-24 Christmas football shirt below.

The Acerbis Cremonese 2023-24 Christmas shirt plays with the club's grey and red colors, which creates an unusual look.

The Acerbis Cremonese 2023-2024 Christmas football shirt is mainly red with a black and grey tartan style. The logos are golden and white.

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Cremonese 23-24 Christmas Goalkeeper Kit

A more sophisticated look for Christmas, the Cremonese goalkeeper Christmas shirt is mainly green with gold/white logos and the same tartan pattern as the player kit.

The Acerbis Cremonese 2023-2024 Christmas jersey is not available to buy regularly. It was only produced for the players. Luckily for collectors, these will be auctioned off. The minimum price for match-worn shirts is €200.00, while the minimum price for match-issued shirts is €150.00. The entire proceeds will support the Thisability project.

Made by Acerbis. What's your verdict on Cremonese's Christmas kit? Comment below.