Every Barcelona 2024-25 Kit to Feature Blaugrana

FC Barcelona approach their 125th anniversary next year. Now FC Barcelona shirt collector @memorabilia1899 has given new clues about the Nike Barcelona 2024-25 kits - each celebrates the 125th anniversary of the team.

Barcelona 2024-25 Kit to Feature Blaugrana

First, the gold color will play a very important role in Barcelona's 2024-25 collection. Gold is present on home kit, the training jerseys, plus the anthem jacket.

Barcelona 24-25 Away Kit, recreated by @Rode1Kits

Meanwhile, and possibly even more remarkable, the club's famous Blaugrana colors will feature on every kit for the 2024-25 season.

Barcelona 24-25 Collection

FC Barcelona 2024-25 Home Kit - Half-and-Half Blaugrana Design with Gold Logos

Embracing tradition with an anniversary twist, the home kit boasts a half-and-half design in the classic blaugrana, adorned with striking gold logos. This design pays homage to the club's first-ever kit while infusing a sense of grandeur for the landmark anniversary.

FC Barcelona 2024-25 Away Kit: Stealth Design With Blaugrana Outlined Logos

Stepping into modernity, the Barcelona 2024-25 away kit takes a bold turn with a blackout canvas. The blaugrana outlined gradient logos add a touch of sophistication, seamlessly blending contemporary style with the timeless essence of FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona 2024-25 Third Kit: Light Volt With 2005-06 Memories - Blaugrana Applications

Vibrancy takes center stage in the light volt-themed third kit. Blaugrana accents could feature on the collar and side elements reminiscent of the beloved 2005-06 away kit.

Do you like that Barcelona use Blaugrana for every one of their 2024-25 kits? Let us know in the comments below.