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Stylish: Admiral Jubilo Iwata 2024 Home & Away Kits Released

We have another kit release from J League today as Jubilo Iwata have launched their new Admiral 2024 home and away jerseys, just like Kashima Antlers.

Home, away and goalkeeper home

Jubilo Iwata 2024 Home Kit

This is the new Admiral Júbilo Iwata home shirt for 2024.

The Admiral Jubilo Iwata 2024 home football shirt has a very stylish look that combines Japanese and British tradition.

The Admiral Jubilo Iwata 2024 home jersey has diagonal jacquard stripes inspired by thee Enshu stripes associated with the Enshu area, the hometown of Jubilo Iwata, combined with the gingham checks that originated in England, the birthplace of Admiral.

Jubilo Iwata 2024 Away Kit

This is the Júbilo Iwata 2024 away football shirt, made by Admiral.

Based on the same design as the home kit, the Admiral Jubilo Iwata 2024 away football shirt is white with contrasting collar and sleeve cuffs. Intersgnly, the collar and sleeve cuffs are exactly the same as for the home shirt.

Jubilo Iwata 2024 Goalkeeper Home Kit

The Admiral Jubilo Iwata 2024 goalkeeper home jersey is black with the same collar and sleeve cuffs as the home kit, creating a consistent look.

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What do you think about the Jubilo Iwata 2024 home and away jerseys? Comment below.