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No More Adidas X: All-New Adidas F50 Boots Leaked - Advancement Pack - Euro 2024/Copa America

This summer, Adidas brings back the iconic F50 football boots silo, replacing the Adidas X. Now we can leak official pictures of the regular launch edition of the Adidas F50 football boots.

Adidas F50 2024 'Advancement' Pack - Copa America /Euro 2024 - White/Solar Red/Lucid Blue

This photo shows the new Adidas F50 Speed Legacy football shoes in 'White/Solar Red/Lucid Blue.'

The 2024 Copa America /Euro 2024 Adidas F50 'Advancement Pack' football boots have a modern design. They combine a white upper with red/blue logos and applications.

The colorway is part of a streamlined Copa America /Euro 2024 pack—the Adidas Copa and Predator follow the same color scheme. Adidas opts for blue for the Predator, while the Copa is mainly white.

Inspired by the old Adidas F50, the Adidas F50 2024 boots come with short horizontal Three Stripes on the outstep, while Adidas added a large F50 branding to it for a modern look.

Adidas F50 Plus

We had to remove the image of the Plus version.

The Adidas F50 Plus soccer cleats are the most expensive version of the next-generation Adidas F50. They come with a more fiery design and added Lightstrike Pro in the forefoot area.

Adidas F50 Elite Laceless

The Adidas F50 Elite soccer cleats are the same as the Plus version, just without the Lightstrike Pro element.

Adidas F50 Elite Laces

The Adidas F50 Elite football boots have a Compression Fit Tunnel Tongue for better lockdown and speed - for those players don't like laceless boots, who are the large majority.

Adidas F50 Elite Mid

We have no image of the Adidas F50 Elite Mid boots in the Advancement Pack edition yet.

The Adidas F50 Elite Mid football shoes have a collar similar to the Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots. They were developed in cooperation with Adidas' best Women's players but can also be worn by men - as the other versions can also be worn by Women.

Tech-wise, the new F50 football boots from Adidas build on previous Adidas X models. The upper is reminiscent of the Adidas Speedflow.

Adidas F50 'Advancement' - Features

  • Successor of Adidas X - comeback of F50
  • 4 Top Versions: Plus, Elite Laceless, Elite Laces & Elite Mid (developed with Women players insights)
  • Debut in 2024 Champions League final/2024 Copa America/Euro 2024
  • Thin Fibertouch Upper: Brings you closer to the ball than ever before, ensuring complete control at every instant.
  • Compression Fit Tunnel Tongue: (Laces only) Keeps your feet securely locked into the boot, allowing you to breeze past defenders worry-free.
  • Innovative Sprintweb 3D Texture: Placed on the upper to keep the ball glued to your feet, enabling easy domination over your competition.
  • Springy Sprintframe 360: Provides the boost needed to breeze past opponents effortlessly.
  • Lightstrike Pro foam: (Plus version only) known from Adidas running shoes, made for energy return
  • Price: around 280 USD
  • Colorway: White / Solar Red / Lucid Blue
  • Release date: 3 June 2024

The new F50 'Advancement' Pack soccer boots from Adidas are available from Monday, 3 June 2024, retailing at around 280 USD.

Do you like that Adidas brings back the F50 permanently, even though it's the name only? Do you like the paint job for the Copa America /Euro 2024? Drop us a line below, and browse the Boot Calendar for all the latest Adidas boots.