The Super League Intro Video Released

Just minutes after the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that clubs have the right to freely discuss and propose new European competition formats, the Super League has explained their proposed new format and released an official intro video.

Managed by A22 Sports Management, the Super League aims "to create a more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable future for European football while recognizing its rich heritage".

The Super League Intro Video - "Goalposts"

The intro video, called “Goalposts,” features more and more balls flying down from the sky until the camera reaches a big fictional stadium.

The final scene evokes memories of the official UEFA Champions League intro and the iconic Champions League stadium.

Champions League Intro

The Super League Format Explanation Video

The proposed new Super League format is explained in a technical video that showcases the provisional colors of green, blue, and white, possibly inspired by Earth.

Both videos are accompanied by some slogans that seem like a parody after the big fan protests, including "Football you dream off", and "One competition for all fans". The main slogan is "One for all" - that's practically already the current UEFA tournaments (which allow access for all European clubs), but that seems to be not a matter for the Super League creators.

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