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Nike Tottenham Crest Falls Off In Premier League - Was It Caused By Logo Attachment?

In a rare occurrence, an authentic Nike Dri-Fit Adv kit suffered a defect in the Premier League today.

Brennan Johnson's Spurs Crest Falls Off in Premier League Match

Brennan Johnson's Spurs crest fell off his jersey during the first half of the match against Newcastle. The incident caught everyone's attention, mainly because it was one of the biggest Premier League matches of the week.

We have not seen such a defect from Nike in recent times, and there are various reasons why it happened. However, it might be related to the way the Spurs crest is applied.

The Spurs badge is heat-applied to the jersey, as is the case with other Nike kits. But there is one important difference - the crest is cut out for the white parts instead of having a continuous logo. Better for breathability, worse for adhesion.

The absence of the cockerel was only there on Johnson's jersey in the first half. He came back wearing a shirt with his side's badge on it for the second half.

Do you think the cutouts caused the crest to come off? Let us know in the comments below.