20 Teams With Highest Revenue - Which Brands Make Their Kits

@DeloitteUK has just listed the world's top clubs in terms of revenue for the 2022-23 season. Footy Headlines has compiled a list of the brands that supply kits to these teams, to see which brands appear most often.

Top 20 Highest Revenue Clubs Kits Battle

It can be seen that Nike and Adidas still dominate the teams with the highest revenues in the 22-23 season. The top 10 list includes up to 5 Nike teams, 4 Adidas teams and only one Puma team.

Brands outside the big three only supply kits to teams outside the top 15 (Castore: top 17, Umbro: top 18, EA7: top 19).

The top 20 list shows Nike leading with 8 teams, Adidas with 5, Puma with 4 and Umbro, Castore, EA7 each with 1 team.

Top 20 Highest Revenue Clubs - Kit Brand Battle

  • Nike: 8
  • Adidas: 5
  • Puma: 4
  • Umbro: 1
  • Castore: 1
  • EA7: 1

Do you think there will be a brand that will challenge the big three (Adidas, Nike, Puma) to be in the top 5 highest revenue for the 23-24 season?