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Adidas Release T-Shirts With Designs Of Unreleased National Team Kits

Adidas has released a set of t-shirts inspired by the upcoming Adidas 2024 international kits. They do not only confirm two leaked kits but also give us the first look at the design of the Colombia 2024 Copa America home kit. Big thanks to @NatoDesigns for the heads-up.

Adidas 2024 National Team DNA T-Shirts - Colombia, Italy, Germany & Mexico

The new Adidas 2024 national team t-shirts are called "Adidas DNA Graphic Tees". They feature a simple design with a huge Adidas Sportswear logo (the old Adidas Performance logo) with the country's name underneath.

What is of interest to us is the graphic within the Adidas logo. Germany has the tricolor gradient design of the sleeves, and Mexico has the intricate antique-inspired design. Meanwhile, the Adidas Italy 2024 DNA tee has no design - the Italy 2024 home kit is solid blue with a subtle I pattern that did not find its way on the final kit.

Colombia's t-shirt is surely the most interesting one, as it gives us a look at parts of the design of the not-seen Colombia 2024 Copa America kit. The Adidas Colombia 2024 home kit apparently has a radial orange design. How it converts to the kit remains to be seen - we have created a quick mock-up with FIFA Kit Creator.

You can imagine how the Adidas Colombia 2024 Copa América kit could look with FIFA Kit Creator.

Adidas Italy 2024 Home Kit - Böank Design, I Pattern Not Feature on T-Shirt

The Adidas Italy 2024 home jersey features a combination of blue and white with tricolor Three Stripes, which is the most remarkable feature of the kit.

Germany Euro 2024 Home Kit - Gradient Sleeves

The Adidas Germany 2024 home football shirt has a modern and outstanding design. It is, of course, mainly white. Adidas combines the Adidas DFB Euro 2024 home shirt with a black Adidas logo and, more interestingly, the tricolor of Germany's flag.

Mexico 2024 Away Kit - Intricate Pattern

The Adidas Mexico 2024 away jersey takes inspiration from Mexico's rich cultural heritage and the future of the country, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of tradition and modernity.

Adidas Colombia 2024 Home Kit - Orange Gradient Design

The Adidas Colombia 2024 home kit is the only of the fourth not leaked yet. The t-shirt reveals that it is set to feature a radial gradient design in orange on the yellow base.

What do you think of the Adidas 2024 national team kits? How will the Colombia 2024 Copa America home kit end up? Let us know in the comments below.