Three Adidas Yamamoto Real Madrid 2024 Kits Leaked - Official Pictures

Update: We can leak real pictures of all of the three colorways of the Real Madrid Yamamoto kits. It appears most likely now that the purple will serve as player, the black as keeper & player, and the orange as goalkeeper. The pictures also feature the Yamamoto Predator boots and gloves.

Update: We now have the first real pictures of the black version of the Adidas Y-3 Real 2023-24 fourth kit. They greatly show off the rose design. Big thanks to Leo Gemini.

Update: Footy Headlines can reveal real images of the purple Adidas Yamamoto Real Madrid 2024 football kit.

Update: After leaking images of the new Yamamoto Real Madrid 2024 fourth kits, we have brought them to life - as worn by Bellingham, Rodrygo, and Thibaut Courtois. However, we can not confirm yet how they will be used; perhaps the orange kit could be reserved for the goalkeepers, but it is not confirmed.

Update: We can leak the Adidas Yamamoto Real Madrid 23-24 fourth kit. It comes in three different colorways - black, blueish-purple, and black. We have no confirmation on how Madrid will use it. There is a chance that we will see each kit in a different game, even though it's unlikely. It's more likely that one is for players, one for keepers, and the last for pre-match.

Adidas will collaborate with Japanese designer Yamamoto to launch not only one but three special fourth kits for Real Madrid. They are set to be launched soon (January-March 2024). Footy Headlines can exclusively leak.

We first reported about Madrid getting a fourth kit in November 2023.

Adidas Yamamoto 23-24 Real Madrid Fourth Kits - Three Colorways

In a very remarkable step, the Adidas Real Madrid Yamamoto 23-24 fourth football kit features three colorways of the same design, each with its own main color: black, purple, and orange.

Footy Headlines has no info on how Real Madrid will use the different fourth kits - will we see every kit worn by players in three different matches, or is one intended for players, the for keepers, and the last for another function?

In 2014, Adidas x Yamamoto also launched an impressive Real Madrid 24-15 third kit. Today, the dragon-inspired kit is a rare collector's item.

Adidas Yamamoto 2024 Real Madrid Kit - Black

The first Adidas Real Madrid Yamamoto 2024 football jersey has the main color black combined with the Y-3 logo and Real Madrid crest, both in white.

What makes the Yamamoto Real Madrid kit unique are flower graphics on the top right and bottom left.

Adidas Yamamoto 2024 Real Madrid Kit - Purple

The second Adidas Yamamoto 2024 Real Madrid shirt features the same design as the first Yamamoto Real Madrid kit, with only the main color changed from black to purple.

Adidas Yamamoto 2024 Real Madrid Kit - Orange

The third Adidas Yamamoto 2024 Real Madrid football jersey is predominantly orange, combined with the Y-3 logo and the Real crest, both in black; the graphics are identical to those in shirts #1 and #2.

The colors of the Adidas Yamamoto 2024 Real Madrid kit #3 are almost the same as those of the Yamamoto Madrid 2014-15 GK kit.

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The Adidas Real Madrid 23-24 Yamamoto fourth kits will likely be launched in February 2024.

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