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Full Arsenal 24-25 Training Collection Released

Arsenal today released its entire 2024-2025 training collection, including more than 30 items.

Arsenal 24-25 Training Collection

The new Adidas Arsenal 24-25 training collection uses two main colors: navy (Night Sky) and light mint green (Clear Aqua).

The light option of the Arsenal 24-25 training collection is intended for the players, while the dark version will be worn by the coaching staff.

Arsenal 24-25 Training Kits

These are the new Adidas Arsenal FC training shirts for 2024-25.

The Adidas Arsenal FC 24-25 training football shirts are based on the streamlined Adidas 24-25 model. The coach model combines a mint blue base with navy logos, while the coach version inverses these colors.

The Adidas logo, Arsenal crest, and three shoulder stripes are monochromatic.

The Adidas Arsenal FC 2024-2025 training collection has been launched on Monday, 17 June 2024.

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