AS Roma 24-25 Away Kit Leaked + Home and Third Color Info Leaked

We can leak the AS Roma 24-25 away kit and their 24-25 home and third kit color information. Made by Adidas, the new A.S.Roma 24-25 home, away and third kits will be worn in the Serie A and all other competitions.

AS Roma 24-25 Home Kit

The new Adidas Associazione Sportiva Roma 2024-25 home football jersey will be predominantly dark red (Team Collegiate Burgundy). We do not know the accent color yet, but red-orange or white would be greatly fitting.

The new AS Roma 24-25 home jersey is expected to feature a dark red color similar to their 19-20 home kit, the season that Nike was Roma's kit sponsor.

AS Roma 2024-25 Away Kit

The Adidas A.S. Roma 24-25 away football shirt is predominantly silvery white with bold red and fluorescent orange accents.

Adidas use the Lupetto crest instead of the current crest, which has orange neon on a surrounding red background, and the Adidas logo also has a prominent red color.

The most striking feature of the Adidas Roma 2024-25 away jersey is a fiery graphic inspired by street graffiti paintings.

AS Roma 24-25 Third Kit

The Adidas A.S.Roma 24-25 third jersey is the first navy shirt of the club since the 2020-21 season. Officially, the main color is Tech Indigo.

The accent colors and the design of the Adidas Roma 2024-2025 third jersey are not known yet, but orange and maroon seem likely. Footy Headlines expect Roma to use the modern Adidas logo, but we could also see the Trefoil.

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The Adidas Roma 2024-25 home kit is expected to be released in May 2024, the away kit in July 2024 and the third kit in early August 2024.

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