Exclusive: Adidas Bayern München 24-25 Third Retro Collection Leaked

Update: Footy Headlines can exclusively leak FC Bayern München's new 24-25 third retro T-shirt, part of the Bayern München 24-25 third retro collection, expected to be released in August 2024.

Like other elite Adidas teams, Bayern München will get a special retro jacket for the 2024-25 season. Inspired by its third kit, the Bayern Munich 24-25 retro jacket uses the classic Trefoil logo and a classic Bayern crest.

Bayern München 24-25 Third retro T-shirt

Check out Adidas' FC Bayern 24-25 third retro T-shirt below.

The Adidas Bayern München 2024-2025 third retro football T-shirt has the same colorway as their 24-25 third shirt with the main colour beige-yellow (Linen) combined with red and orange accents.

The Adidas Bayern München 2024-2025 third retro T-shirt has the same design as their 24-25 third retro jacket and is color reversed. This design is inspired by the iconic Adidas tracksuits of the 1990s.

Bayern München 24-25 Third Jacket

Check out Adidas' Bayern Munich CF 2024-25 retro jacket below.

The new Adidas Bayern München 2024-25 retro jacket has a dark red main color combined with lighter red and beige-yellow (Linen) accents.

Creating a fitting look, the Bayern München 2024-25 third jacket has reverse colors to the 24-25 third kit.

Design-wise, the Bayern Munich 2024-25 retro jacket draws inspiration from Adidas' iconic 1990s tracksuits.

Bayern Munich 2024-25 retro jacket featuring Trefoil logo and classic Bayern crest (used in 1966-1967).

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The Adidas FC Bayern 2024-2025 retro football collection is expected to be released in August 2024.

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