Manchester United 24-25 Anthem Jacket Leaked

Update: Footy Headlines can leak more images of the Manchester United 24-25 anthem jacket, which features metallic silver logos.

Footy Headlines can leak the Manchester United 2024-25 anthem jacket. It features metallic silver logos, like other elite Adidas teams. The jacket will likely be already launched in May 2024.

Manchester United 24-25 Anthem Jacket

This is the Manchester United FC 2024-25 anthem jacket.

The new Adidas Manchester United 2024-25 anthem jacket is predominantly red with a metallic silver Adidas logo and Man United crest.

The Manchester United 24-25 anthem jacket features the unique Manchester United text on the back.

Like the anthem jackets of other elite Adidas teams, the Man United 2024-25 anthem jacket features metallic silver logos.

The hood is part of Adidas' 24-25 anthem jackets.

Adidas 24-25 Elite Team Anthem Jacket

The other Adidas 24-25 elite team (Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid, and Arsenal) anthem jackets follow Man United's style but in different main colors. White for Real Madrid, navy for Arsenal, dark red for Bayern Munich, and black for Juventus.

The Manchester United Football Club 2024-25 anthem jacket is scheduled for release in June 2024.

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