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Nike "Mad Brilliance" Euro 2024 & Copa America Boots Collection Released

Update: Nike has officially launched the 'Mad Brilliance' collection, which features extremely striking shades of pink. It will go on sale on 27 May and will be used at Euro/Copa America 2024.

Update: The Nike 2024 Mad Brilliance Pack will be Nike's football boot collection for the Euro 2024 and 2024 Copa America. Meanwhile, the bluish Nike 2024 football boots collection will be Nike's New Season Pack (called Gear Up), to be launched in mid-July 2024.

Nike Mad Brilliance Boots Pack

This photo shows the Nike 'Mad Brilliance' boots collection.

The new Nike Mad Brilliance 2024 soccer boot collection is predominantly pink with black accents. This is the first time Nike uses a pale pink on the Mercurial and Tiempo boots.

The Nike 2024 'Mad Brilliance' collection features the same embossed Swoosh design as the Nike 'Rising Gem' collection

Nike Zoom Mercurial 'Mad Brilliance' - Pink Foam/Black

Check out the new Nike Mercurial 2024 'Mad Brilliance' boots in pink foam/black below.

The Nike Mercurial Air Zoom 'Mad Brilliance' football boots have a light pink colorway, the Swoosh logo, and the word 'AIR' are black. The sole unit is also a combination of pale pink and black.

The Nike Mercurial 'Mad Brilliance Pack' boots feature a two-tone pink gradient effect, just like the Nike Phantom 'Brilliance' boots.

Pink Foam is a first for Nike's Mercurial soccer cleat. Nike has released pink colorways for the Nike Mercurial quite often, but pale pink is a first.

For the first time, Nike releases Mercurial boots in a light pink main color

Nike Phantom GX/Luna 2 'Mad Brilliance' - Sunset Pulse/Black

This photo shows the Nike 'Mad Brilliance' Phantom GX 2 boots.

The Nike Phantom GX/Luna 2 football boots of the Brilliance collection have a main color of sunset pink and a gradient effect that changes to light pink as you go down to the heel.

The Nike Phantom GX/Luna 2 'Mad Brilliance Pack' boots feature a diamond embossed Swoosh effect like the Swoosh on the Phantom Venom shoes.

Nike Tiempo 2024 'Mad Brilliance' - Pink Foam/Black

This image shows the Nike 'Mad Brilliance' Tiempo 10 football boots.

The Nike Tiempo 10 'Mad Brilliance' football boots follow the scheme of the Mercurial and Phantom cleats.

For the first time, Nike releases the Tiempo and Mercurial boots in a pale pink main color

The Nike 2024 Mad Brilliance football boot pack will be available from Monday, 27 May 2024.

What do you think of the Nike 2024 Mad Brilliance boot pack, Nike's collection for the Euro 2024/2024 Copa America? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and browse the Boot Calendar for all upcoming and released Nike cleats.