Nike Monochrome Small-sided Boots Pack Released

Update: Confirming our leak, Nike has launched the Monochrome collection with a monochrome design for each shoe silo.

Update: Footy Headlines can leak that the Nike Monochrome collection will be released on 8 February.

Nike will launch the Monochrome small-sided boots collection with many silos and many different colorways, expected to be released in February 2024.

Nike Monochrome Boots Pack

The new Nike Monochrome small-sided football boots collection consists of 3 silos: Lunar Gato II, Reach Gato and Street Gato, with a total of 6 colorways released (Lunar Gato II: 2, Reach Gato: 1, Street Gato: 3).

Nike Lunar Gato II 'Bright Mandarin'

The new 'Bright Mandarin' Nike Lunar Gato II 'Monochrome' boots come in an all-orange colorway with a blue shoe tag on the tongue.

Nike Lunar Gato II 'Deep Royal Blue'

The new 'Deep Royal Blue' Nike Lunar Gato II 'Monochrome' boots are all blue with a red shoe tag on the tongue.

Nike React Gato 'Monochrome' - University Red

True to the collection's name, the Nike React Gato 'University Red' have a simple design with red covering the shoes.

The Swoosh still has the familiar dashed design with a slightly lighter shade of red.

Nike Streetgato 'Monochrome' #1 - Glacier Blue

The Nike 'Glacier Blue' Streetgato 'Monochrome' Streetgato cleats are the main Glacier color, the suede on the toe is a slightly darker blue. The Swoosh tag on the tongue is a striking red color.

Nike Streetgato 'Monochrome' #2- Team Red

The team red Nike Streetgato 'Monochrome' boots have the main color dark red (Team Red) and do not have any other colors appearing.

Nike Streetgato 'Monochrome' #3 - Stadium Green

The Nike Street Gato 'Stadium Green' 'Monochrome' boots have a simple design with the main color 'Stadium Green' throughout; only the small Swoosh logo and the words Streetgato on the eyelet are yellow.

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