Hummel Sunderland 24-25 Home & Away Kits Released - No More Nike

Sunderland has revealed its new 2024-2025 away kit by Hummel today. It will be available to buy from next Friday, 26 July. The kit is inspired by the 1991-1994 away shirt.

Sunderland Hummel Home Shirt 2024-25
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Sunderland 24-25 Home Kit

Check out Hummel's Sunderland 2024-25 home jersey below.

The Hummel Sunderland 24-25 jersey has a classic design inspired by Hummel's Sunderland 1988-1991 home kit. The Hummel chevrons extend all the way to the end of the sleeves.

Officially, the Sunderland 2024-25 home shirt pays homage to Sunderland's proud shipbuilding heritage. The continuous stripes reference the club's former crest and the inside collar is decorated with archive images of shipyards and ships.

The Hummel Sunderland 2024-25 home jersey features the team's classic white and red stripes with a bespoke pattern inside the red stripes. Hummel uses a red-white-red v-collar and red-white-red sleeve cuff.

The inside collar bears the words "From the banks of the River Wear" and the coordinates of the Stadium of Light are placed on the outside of the collar. Both the Hummel logo and the sponsor logo are black with a white border.

Sunderland 24-25 Away Kit

This is the new Hummel Sunderland away shirt for 24-25, inspired by the 1991-1994 away kit.

The Hummel Sunderland AFC 2024-2025 away football shirt is inspired by the club's iconic 1991-1994 away kit.

The Sunderland 24-25 away kit is navy and white with green detailing. What makes it stand out is its zig-zag design, which splits it into a white and navy half, apparently.

Sunderland Hummel Home Shirt 2024-25
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