Skechers "Diamond Ice" 2024 Boots Pack Released

Skechers launched its first white boot collection called 'Diamond Ice', confirming our leak.

Skechers 2024 "Diamond Ice" Boots Collection - White/Blue

This photo shows the Skechers 'Diamond Ice' boots collection.

The Skechers 2024 'Diamond Ice' collection is predominantly white with sky-blue details for a beautiful look.

Skechers Razor 'Diamond Ice' - White/Blue

Check out the new Skechers Razor football shoes from the 'Diamond Ice' collection below.

The new Skechers Razor 'Diamond Ice' soccer boots have the same colorway as the Skechers SKX 01 'Diamond Ice' shoes, with the main color white combined with the light blue Skechers logo and sparkling white/blue sole. This gives the boots a perfectly clean and luxurious look.

The Skechers Razor cleats are made with an ultra-light synthetic microfiber upper and a lace-up front, and offer explosive track-inspired traction for maximum acceleration.

Skechers' new Razor football shoes are identical to the first edition looking at features.

Skechers SKX 01 'Diamond Ice' - White/Blue

This image shows the Skechers 'Diamond Ice' SKX 01 boots.

The white Skechers SKX 01 soccer cleats combine a white base with a blue logo and a shimmering silver/light blue outsole.

Skechers' 'White/Navy/Light Blue' SKX 01 soccer boots are the same as ever in terms of tech.

The Skechers 2024 Diamond Ice football boot pack are set to be available from 18 January 2024.

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