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Umbro to Change Logo for 100-Year Anniversary

In the latest trailer, Umbro has revealed that they will be changing their logo to celebrate their centenary.

New Umbro 100-Year Anniversary Logo

The new Umbro logo still features the familiar double-diamond structure, but the smaller diamond is red instead. The large diamond shape and the Umbro lettering remain the same.

The old Umbro logo has been used from 2008 until now. The logo change is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Umbro's founding (1924-2024) - it remains to be seen if Umbro will revert to the previous logo in 2024 or if it's a permanent change.

Indeed, the new Umbro logo is heavily inspired by the brand's logo from the 1960s and 1970s. Back then, Umbro also used a logo featuring a small red diamond.

It is not known how the new Umbro logo will be applied on the brand's kits - most importantly, if Umbro will recolor it or every kit will feature the red diamond.

What do you think of the new Umbro 100th anniversary logo? Comment below.