Uruguay Without Kit Maker

Uruguay's kit supply contract with Puma expired at the end of 2023. According to Rodrigo Romano (reporter at Direct TV Uruguay), Uruguay has no kit maker currently. Instead, they will kits from a small South American brand for the first matches of 2024.

Uruguay Without Kit Maker

Tenfield, Puma's rights holder in Uruguay who had the Uruguay kit deal for several years, did not extend the Uruguay deal.

The AUF conducted several surveys for a kit supply deal with prominent companies such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma, along with other notable brands in the international market. However, despite the deal having ended, Tenfield still will have up to six months (June 30, 2024) to match the best offer that AUF receives.

Uruguay could wear a local Uruguayan brand in the pre-Olympic tournament

This month, Uruguay is scheduled to participate in the South American pre-Olympic tournament. They have not yet disclosed which brand they will be sporting, but it is believed that they will be wearing a local Uruguayan brand.

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