Exclusive: Spectacular Adidas "Reemergence" 24-25 New Season Special Boots Pack Leaked

For the start of the 2024-2025 season, Adidas will launch one of the most striking football boot collections of the past few years.

The Adidas Reemergence soccer cleats leak confirms our info about Adidas bringing back the Battle Pack graphics of the 2014 World Cup.

Adidas 2024 Reemergence Pack Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Reemergence football boots collection draws inspiration from the iconic 2014 Battle Pack boots and the striking pink/blue Adidas F50 Adizero from that year, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2014 World Cup collection.

In contrast to the black/white Battle Pack boots and similar to the blue/pink F50 2014, the Adidas Reemergence soccer cleats have colorful looks.

The boots will be worn by Adidas players from late summer 2024. We expect only Adidas' best players to receive them, while others should stay with the Euro 2024/Copa America 2024 boots.

Adidas F50 2024 Reemergence Pack Boots

We have no full leak yet for the Adidas F50 2024 24-25 Reemergence soccer boots. However, they will closely follow the look of the 2014 original.

Adidas Copa Pure II '24-25 Reemergence' - Black/Neon Pink/Solar Blue

The Adidas Copa Pure 2 24-25 Reemergence soccer boots are predominantly black with the iconic Battle Pack graphic in blue and pink for a unique look. The 3 stripe logo on the upper is silver with an iridescent effect.

Spectacular Adidas Copa Pure II 2024 Boots Leaked

Adidas Predator Elite '24-25 Reemergence' - White/Neon Pink/Solar Blue

The new Adidas Predator 24-25 Reemergence football boots are predominantly white, combined with the iconic Battle Pack graphic in blue and pink for a unique look. The 3 Stripes logo on the upper has a gradient effect from blue to pink.

Spectacular Next-Gen Adidas Predator 2024 Boots Leaked

The launch of the Adidas Reemergence football boots pack is scheduled for August 2024.

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