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Colorful: Arsenal 24-25 Goalkeeper Kits "Leaked"

For the 2024-25 season, all teams sponsored by Adidas will again wear the same keeper kits. Arsenal shirt expert @ArsenalShirt provides us with an early look at how the Arsenal 24-25 goalkeeper kits will look.

Adidas released its streamlined goalkeeper kit for the 2024-2025 season on 1 February 2024. The Arsenal 24-25 keeper kits won't be revealed until summer 2024. However, as Arsenal will not get custom colorways, we already know how the Arsenal 24-25 goalkeeper kits will look.

Arsenal 24-25 Goalkeeper Kits

These are the seven potential Arsenal 24-25 keeper kits.

Arsenal can select from seven different colorways for its 2024-25 goalkeeper shirts. Judging from previous campaigns, Arsenal will choose three colorways from the catalog - it is not known which yet, however.

The Adidas 2024-2025 goalkeeper shirts have colorful designs, standing in contrast to the rather understated of the previous season(s).

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The Adidas Arsenal 2024-25 goalkeeper jersey will be available two buy in at least two of the seven colorways.

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