Chilean Club Palestino Releases Kit In Homage to Celtic & Palestine

Chilean side CD Palestino revealed its new 2024 kits yesterday. With it, the Chilean first-division team also pays tribute to Scottish club Celtic and Palestine.

Palestino 2024 Home Kit
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Club Deportivo Palestino was founded in 1920 by Chile's Palestinian community, which is now over 500,000 strong. Celtic fans have displayed support for Palestine over the years, from the Match the Fine campaign in 2016 after a sanction from UEFA to the recent display of flags against Atletico Madrid.

Capelli is a sports brand founded by George Altirs, who was born in Lebanon. Capelli is based in New York.

Palestino 2024 Home Kit

This is the new Palestino 2024 home football shirt.

The Palestine 2024 home kit has a unique design in the club's classic colors, which are derived from the Palestine flag - white, red, and green. It comes with a large red stripe in the middle, surrounded by two white and two green stripes on both sides.

Palestino 2024 Away Kit

This is the Capelli Palestino 2024 away football shirt.

The Palestino 2024 away kit is mainly black, with white logos and green/red applications.

Palestino 2024 Third Kit

The Palestino 2024 3rd kit is paying homage to Celtic. Like Celtic's iconic home kit, it features green and white hoops.

A further tribute to Celtic is the addition of the four-leaf clover in the middle.

The Palestino 2024 home and away kits retail at ca. 40 USD. The third kit is currently sold out.

Palestino 2024 Home Kit
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