New Name & Logo Incoming? City Football Group Announces Agreement With Turkish Club Istanbul BB

City Football Group (CFG) today announced a new agreement with Turkish club Istanbul Başakşehir. Could this mean the introduction of a new logo?

City Football Group Announces Deal With Istanbul BB - Not Known If Club Will Get a New Logo

According to the press release, the collaboration will focus on various football projects, including long-term football strategy, data analysis, transfer, and training processes.

City Football Group likes roundel logos - Infographic via Planeta Fobal

It is not yet known if Istanbul BB will also change its logo, or even its name. CFG is famous for streamlining the logos of most, plus changing the names and colors for some of the clubs they purchase. City Football Group has already changed the logos for Mumbai City, Girona, Montevideo, Melbourne, Lommel SK, and Manchester City itself.

Turkish football kit enthusiast and designer @ozando imagined how a new roundel logo could look for Istanbul BB.

What do you think of the City Football Group taking over more and more teams (even though it's just a "football collaboration" with Istanbul BB yet)? Do you hope that Istanbul BB will keep its logo? Let us know in the comments below.