Missed Opportunity? Should Inter Milan Have Used the Dragon Logo Instead of the Regular Crest?

Inter Milan has announced special Lunar New Year kit names and numbers to celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year in Eastern countries. The standout feature? A striking dragon logo is emblazoned on the kit numbers. However, the crest on the front remains untouched.

Missed Opportunity? Should Inter Have Used the Dragon Logo Instead of the Regular Crest?

Many wonder if the dragon logo should have replaced the regular crest for a more significant impact. While the dragon motif adds symbolic weight to the kit, its placement only on the numbers has left some feeling underwhelmed.

A Missed Chance?

Had the dragon logo adorned the front of the kit, would it have made a more profound statement? We created a concept of the Inter 23-24 away kit having the dragon logo on the front, and it works out pretty well.

The small dragon logo is hard to recognize on the numbers

It is not known why Inter decided to alter the names and numbers only. There are several options like kit regulations or the club not wanting to change its primary logo on the kit.

If Inter Milan had chosen to replace their regular crest with the dragon logo on their kits, Nike would have had to produce an additional set of jerseys. The dragon logo is only placed on the numbers and Nike is not involved in this process.

Should Inter have replaced its regular logo with the special dragon crest on the front? Let us know in the comments below.