Adidas Introduces Giant New Logo on Kits

Recently, Adidas launched the North Carolina FC kits based on the new Adidas 2024-25 template and introduced the giant Adidas logo.

New Giant Adidas Logo on Kit

As you can see, the new Adidas logo is larger than the previous normal size.

However, the new giant Adidas logo size still appears to comply with FIFA Kit Regulations.

In accordance with article 31.6.1 & 31.9.1 - FIFA badges, FIFA has stipulated that:

One Manufacturer Identifier no bigger than 20cm2 may be displayed once on the Chest Area of the eFootball Shirt.

Accordingly, the area of the kit manufacturer's logo cannot be larger than 20cm². Therefore, despite its large size, the new giant Adidas logo is likely to still comply with FIFA regulations.

North Carolina FC 2024 Home & Away Kits

The Adidas 2024-25 club kits will also likely feature the new giant Adidas logo.

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