Serie A Reveals Logo With New Naming Sponsor

Italian Serie A is making a major change by replacing Tim as its title sponsor after a 25-year partnership. Now, the official new Serie 2024-25 logo with Enilive as the sponsor has been revealed.

Enilive Becomes Serie A Title Sponsor From 2024-25 Season

Enilive, Eni's company dedicated to mobility products and services, is the Title sponsor of Serie A starting from the 2024-25 championship and covering three seasons. The league is now known as Serie A Enilive.

Eni reportedly pays €22 million per year in a deal that includes an option for two more seasons beyond 2026-27. Tim paid around €20 million per year.

The new Serie A Enilive logo is almost as expected, with Enilive taking place at the bottom, but in an enlarged version that crops the lower part.

Serie A Made in Italy - International Logo

Since the 2023- 24 season, Serie A has called itself "Serie A Made in Italy" internationally. However, we doubt that many have noticed this despite Serie A getting 10 million euros/year from the Italian government for the deal.

What do you think of the Serie A ending its deal with Tim? Do you like the Serie A logo with Enilive's branding? Let us know in the comments below.