Venezia to Re-Release 1984-85 Kits

Venezia has teamed up with its historic kit maker Ennetere to bring back the club's shirts from the 1984-1985 season, to be launched tomorrow, Friday. Thanks to RB | Classic Soccer Jerseys for sharing the news early.

NR (acronym for Nicola Raccuglia - Ennerre) is the brand famous for creating some of the most iconic Serie A football shirts in the 80s and early 90s Serie A. They made a comeback recently by releasing official 1-to-1 reproductions of their classic kits - now Venezia becomes the latest team to get remakes of its kits, joining the likes of Napoli, Roma, and Fiorentina.

Venezia 1984-2024 Remake Football Kits

The Venezia 1984-85 2024 Remake Kits are exactly the same as the kits from 40 years ago. The most notable feature is the Venetian Lion on the front, within a thick horizontal stripe going from the sleeves over the front.

The NR Venezia 1984-85 Re-Issue Shirts are available in three colors - green (home), white and yellow.

What will surely be the biggest drawback is the price - we expect the NR Venezia 1984-85 Re-Issue Kits to cost you around 200 Euros, like other re-issue shirts of the Italian brand.

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