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Nike to Pay Germany More Than 100 Million Euro/Year - Adidas Surprised by End of Germany Partnership

Out of nowhere, the German Football Federation today announced a deal with Nike to become the country's new kit maker from 2027. The timing has been very unfavorable for Adidas, who just launched its new Germany kits for the Germany Euro 2024. Now more information about the deal has surfaced.

Adidas Was Only Informed About Nike Deal Today

The contract sum of the Adidas Germany kit deal was not disclosed. According to information from the German economics newspaper Handelsblatt, Nike's bid is said to be in the three-digit range, i.e., more than 100 million euros per year. The DFB merely stated that Nike had "submitted by far the best economic offer." Adidas just paid around 50 million euros per year to the DFB.

Additionally, Adidas has confirmed that they were not aware of the Nike Germany deal until today.

Adidas was informed by the DFB today

"We were informed by the DFB today that the association will have a new supplier from 2027," said a company spokesperson in response to an inquiry by German press agency dpa.

The Adidas German football team deal is the biggest news of the evening in Germany - even Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck has taken a stand and expressed his disappointment with the change of supplier. "I can hardly imagine the German jersey without the three stripes," said Habeck.

The Nike deal is the biggest news of the evening in Germany

"Adidas and black, red and gold have always belonged together for me. A piece of German identity. I would have liked a bit more local patriotism," added the 54-year-old.

What do you think of Germany signing with Nike without Adidas knowing before today? Sould Germany have waited for the announcement until after the "home Euro"? Let us know in the comments below.