Germany Retires "Die Mannschaft" Slogan, Adds "Deutschland" to Kits Instead

In 2022, the German national soccer team announced the end of its "Die Mannschaft" slogan. The name was criticized for being disrespectful to other successful teams. Now, the decision is finally totally translated into the kits.

"Deutschland" Features on the Back Collar of Adidas Germany 2024 Kits

Now, for the Euro 2024, the slogan "Die Mannschaft" is finally not present anymore on the kits. "Deutschland" (Germany) is placed on the back under the collar. Placing the country name on the back of the collar is surely a very safe and logical decision after the previous marketing slogan has been criticized.

In the 2022 World Cup, "Die Mannschaft" still featured on the inner collar of the kits because of the lead time of create and produce the new kits. The production was already started before the DFB decided to scrap "Die Mannschaft" in 2022. However, "Deutschland" was already on the back collar then.

Better to have the country name instead of a marketing name on the back of the collar? Let us know in the comments below.