Long-Sleeve Football Kits Are Alive And Better Than Ever Before

In the 1990s, many players were wearing long-sleeved football kits. In the 2000s and early 2010s, the long-sleeved kits disappeared more and more. However, now, long-sleeved shirts are back, at least for the best players in soccer - And they might be better than ever before.

Long-Sleeve kits in 2024 might be better than ever before

2024 Federation Kits Worn in Long-Sleeve Versions

In the first international matches in the new kits, we saw several players in long-sleeved versions of the new national jerseys - including Cristinao Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Kai Hevrtz and Alvarao Morata.

Both Adidas and Nike have put a lot of effort into the long-sleeved jerseys - but one jersey stands out. The Germany 2024 long-sleeve home kit continues the striking sleeve design wonderfully.

Comparing some of the long-sleeve kits with the short-sleeve variants, it becomes obvious that the long-sleeve looks much better - especially, for kits that have a standout design on the sleeves.

The long-sleeve version of the France kit is rather boring because the short-sleeve version is also just plain blue. The French tricolor would have helped here.

Nike does not sell a single long-sleeve kit, despite Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappe wearing them

However, there is a big difference between Adidas and Nike - Adidas sells the long-sleeve versions for Germany and Mexico, whereas there is not a single Nike long-sleeve kit available - although Nike superstars Mbappe and CR7 wear long sleeves.

Do you prefer long-sleeve jerseys over short-sleeved jerseys with undershirts? Let us know in the comments.