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Exclusive: Adidas Tiro 25 Goalkeeper Teamwear Kit Leaked

The Adidas 2024 goalkeeper jersey was released not too long ago but Footy Headlines was able to leak the first images of the Adidas 2025 goalkeeper jersey, also known as the Tiro 25 Competition Goalkeeper kit.

Adidas Tiro Competition 25 Goalkeeper Teamwear Kit

This picture shows the various colorways of the Adidas Tiro 25 Competition GK teamwear template that will be available in 2025.

The new Adidas Tiro 25 Competition Goalkeeper jersey has a modern design that uses two tones of one color to create a relatively striking look.

Adidas Tiro Competition 25 Goalkeeper Kit vs Adidas Tiro Competition 24 Goalkeeper Kit

The Tiro 25 Competition Goalkeeper kit has a more modern and simple design than the Tiro 24 Competition Goalkeeper kit.

Adidas 2022-2025 Goalkeeper Kits

Purple Burst

Blue Burst

The Adidas Tiro 25 goalkeeper teamwear kit will be available for purchase starting in December 2024 for 60 USD.

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