April Fools': Special dasLA (Adidas x Puma) Predator King Boots

For April Fool's Day, FootballShirtCulture.com (@footballshirt). has created a special Predator King boot, part of the special 'dasLa' collection.

Adidas x Puma 'dasLA' Collab Collection Revealed - AC Milan & Marseille 2024-25 Fourth Kits + 'Predator King' Boots

The special Predator King boots are only concepts and will never be released.

Special dasLA Hybrid Predator King Concept Boots

The special Predator King hybrid concept boots have a front upper based on the Predator 24 'Nightstrike' and a rear upper based on the Puma King Top.

On the folding-tongue, the Adidas logo has been removed and replaced with a special Predator King label. The three stripes on the upper are also replaced by three-Formstrip representing both Puma and Adidas.

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