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Nike 24-25 New Season Boots Pack Leaked

We can reveal the first Nike football boot collection for the 2024-25 season, not the Euro 2024 collection we leaked earlier. They will be released at the end of July, after Euro 2024 is over and the new season is about to start. Big thanks to @kicksdong.

Nike 24-25 New Season Boots Collection

This photo shows the Nike 'New Season' boots collection.

The new Nike 24-25 New Season football boot collection will use different shades of blue combined with white motifs to create a fresh look.

The Nike 24-25 New Season boots collection is likely to see the launch of the next-gen Nike Mercurial 2024 (Vapor 16/Superfly 10) boot.

Next-Gen Nike Mercurial 2024 '24-25 New Season'

Here are the new Nike Mercurial Vapor 16 soccer cleats from the 'Peak Ready' collection.

The new Nike Mercurial Vapor 16 'New Season' boots have a new design with a small zig-zag embossed upper, the 'AIR' on the heel has been slightly changed from the Vapor 15.

Most notably, the next-gen Nike Mercurial Vapor 16 football shoe will have a large Swoosh placed on the instep and extend down near the ankle, similar to the swoosh on the Vapor 11 boot.

The next-gen Nike Mercurial 24-25 'New Season' boots feature the word 'Air' on the heel similar to the design on the Vapor 15/Superfly 9 boots.

The new Mercurial Vapor 16 football boots from Nike feature a new sole with a modified stud structure compared to previous generations of Mercurials, replacing the two studs in the centre of the foot with unique embossed lines. The heel stud retains its original structure.

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Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 '24-25 New Season' - Blue Fury/White

This photo shows the new Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 football boots in 'Blue Fury/White'.

The new Nike Phantom Luna/GX 2 '24-25 New Season' football shoes feature a blue fury main colour with a white Swoosh.

Nike Tiempo 10 '24-25 New Season' - Signal Blue/White

This picture shows the colors of the new Nike Tiempo 10 from the '24-25 New Season' collection.

The Tiempo 10 '24-25 New Season' boot will be predominantly 'Signal Blue' with white accents.

Nike has already used 'Signal Blue' as the main color for the Nike Premier 3 shoes.

Footy Headlines has no information yet on the design of the Nike Tiempo 10 '24-25 New Season' boots.

The Nike 24-25 New Season collection is expected to launch at the end of July, ahead of the 24-25 season.

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