Uruguay to Launch New Kit Tender For 2026 World Cup

In the 2024 Copa America, Uruguay will wear Nike football kits. However, after the tournament, there are huge chances that Uruguay will have another kit brand again.

The Nike deal is only valid for the 2024 Copa America

Nike Uruguay Deal Exclusive For 2024 Copa America

The contract of the Uruguayan Football Federation with Puma expired at the end of 2023 - Uruguay wore in-house kits for the first matches of 2024 (made by local brand MGR). For the upcoming Copa America, the federation has signed a short-term contract with Nike. However, Nike will only provide kits for the tournament and will not become the long-term official sponsor of the association.

The Uruguay Football Association will launch a new kit tender for the remaining 2026 World Cup qualifiers matches and the 2026 World Cup itself, according to a report of the local newspaper Ovación and the president of the Uruguayan Football Association, Ignacio Alonso.

Uruguay could have three different brands in 2024 - in-house, Nike, and another for after the 2024 Copa America

Nike is, of course, not ruled out to become Uruguay's long-term kit maker, but every other brand also has the chance to sign the Uruguay national football team.

The Copa America will take place from June 20 to July 14 in the United States. Uruguay will face the USA, Bolivia and Panama in the group stage.

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