Adidas Team Goalkeepers Twinned for 24-25 Season

In a, unfortunately, non-surprising move, Adidas has again decided to provide teams with the exact same goalkeeper kits in the 2024-2025 season, as in previous years.

Adidas 2024-25 Teams to Receive Identical Keeper Kits

The sponsor logo for Arsenal is black, while Bayern's matches the fluo-red orange.

The Adidas 24-25 goalkeeper kit is available in five standard colors, offering limited customization options. After the launch of the Arsenal 24-25 keeper kit, this uniformity has yet sparked discussions among fans, who have noted that Neuer and Raya are wearing the same shirt except for logos.

Streamlined Adidas 2022 Goalkeeper Kits

Streamlined Puma 2024-2025 Keeper Kits

The streamlined Puma 24-25 keeper kit is available in a huge range of different colors, but not only that - Puma also created bespoke paint jobs for its big teams.

Puma breaks the trend and releases custom colorways

Custom Puma 24-25 Keeper Kit Colorways For BVB & City

In contrast, Puma has taken a different approach for the 2024-2025 season, introducing custom colorways for their teams' goalkeeper kits. We appreciate the personalized touch, and fans surely will soon when they notice that their keepers are not wearing the same as other teams' keepers.

Nike won't release bespoke goalkeeper kits for the 2024-25 season as well - teams will use the same design seen for the 2024 national team kits.

Adidas' decision to maintain the same colorways is surely also a cost-saving measure. However, the move has left some supporters longing for more individuality in their team's apparel. As rival brand Puma embraces customization, the call for more distinct and varied designs from Adidas grows louder.

We already know the Adidas 25-26 goalkeeper template. It is likely that we won't see custom colorways again.

Do you think Adidas and Nike will follow Puma and release custom keeper kit colorways? Let us know in the comments below.