Unique Nike Germany Home Concept Kit

From 2027, Nike will replace Adidas as the supplier of the German national team. Many kit designers have created Nike Germany concept kits to see what the first Nike Germany kit could look like. Taking this idea further, shirt designer @arth7design has created the Nike Germany concept kit with a relatively impressive design.

Nike Germany Home Kit Concept by @arth7design

This picture shows a fictional look of the new Nike DFB home jersey by @arth7design.

The fictional Nike DFB home shirt features a modern design with a three-zone black/red/yellow design from the collar to the chest, symbolizing the German flag.

The tricolor of the German flag is also used for the detail on the left side of the collar.

This concept Nike Germany kit is reminiscent of the Adidas Germany Euro 2008 kit, with similar black, red and yellow German flags.

@arth7design offers 2 options of shorts (white and black) along with socks designed like shirts to create the perfect full look.

Nike has a contract with Germany that runs from 2027 until the end of 2034, so we will likely see four of five Nike Germany home kits - two Euro kits, two World Cup kits, plus possibly one kit for the start of the partnership.

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The first-ever Nike Germany football kits will be launched in early 2027.

Are you looking forward to the first Nike Germany kit? Would you like one of Nike's kits for Germany to resemble the concept? Comment below.