Bizarre - No More Castore: Outstanding Wolves 24-25 Away Kit Leaked - All-New Kit Maker & Kit Sponsor

Update: Based on the blurry image, football kit creator grhaer9 has recreated the Wolves 24-25 away kit. It gives u a better look at the wolf illustration. You will be able to get the kit for EA FC and play with it in the game via his Patreon soon.

Wolverhampton Wanderers is preparing to announce significant changes for the 2024-25 season, including a new kit supplier and front and sleeve sponsors. Big thanks to Wolves channel @TalkingWolves for all the info and the first image of the away kit.

Wolves to Sign With Brand-New Sports Company Sudu - Owned By Former Wolves Head of Operations

After three seasons, Wolves will part ways with Castore and introduce Sudu as its new sportswear manufacturer.

Sudu is a new sportswear brand that has not even been founded yet. The brand is under the umbrella of Levy Merchandising and is set to officially launch on Wednesday, May 29, with its headquarters based in Manchester.

Additionally, Levy will manage Wolves' retail operations, including the Wolves Megastore at Molineux and the club's online store. This move follows Vinny Clarke's recent departure from Wolves to become CEO of Levy Merchandising.

Wolves 24-25 Home Kit

The Sudu Wolves 2024-2025 home kit will be "all gold." Nothing about the design is known yet - we expect the Old Gold color to be very similar to the Adidas 2018-2019 home kit, which was marketed as "Old Gold" as well.

Wolves 24-25 Away Kit

The Sudu Wolves 2024-2025 away kit has a standout design in black and amber-yellow. A large wolf illustration on the front makes the Wolves 24-25 away kit stand out.

The Wolves logo sits in the center, with the DeBet logo below. The Sudu logo is on the left chest and both sleeves.

Wolves 24-25 Third Kit

The Wolverhampton Wanderers 24-25 third kit will be purple. It is the club's first purple kit since the 2013-14 season. Puma made Wolves' kits back then.

Wolves to Sign Main Sponsor Deal With "DeBet" & JD Sleeve Sponsor Deal

As seen above, Wolves will get a (unknown) new kit maker. However, the new main sponsor is much more strange and suspicious. Wolves has signed a deal with DEBet, who is on the front of the Wolves 24-25 kits.

The new main sponsor is very suspicious and has less than 10 followers on all social media channels combined

DeBet has a strange logo that includes the German flag (Deutschland) and promotes itself as "one of the leading German betting houses." However, DEBet is not active in Germany, and the website is only available in Vietnamese.

Indeed, DeBet is not an active company yet. The Facebook page has two followers, and the X account has 0 followers.

Wolves will get at least one new usual partner for the 2024-2025 season. JD Sports will be on the sleeves.

Sudu will be launched on 29 May 2024

What do you think of Wolves' strange new kit maker and sponsor? Are you a fan of the extraordinary 24-25 away kit? Let us know in the comments below.