Bayern's 24-25 Home Kit Design is Awesome, but Adidas Chose the Wrong Colors

In early May, Adidas launched the Bayern Munich 24-25 home kit with an impressive 'Triple Red' design. We substituted other colours into this design and the results are stunning.

'Triple Red' Design - Concept Kit By Footy Headlines

We used the 'Triple Red' design to create different kit concepts for Bayer Leverkusen, Inter Milan and alternate colors for Bayern Munich's 24-25 home kit.

The Adidas Bayern Munich 24-25 alternate, Bayer Leverkusen and Inter Milan concept kits all feature gold logos for a classy look.

Bayern München 24-25 Alternative Kit

Adidas Inter Milan Concept Kit - 'Triple Red' Design

Adidas Bayer Leverkusen Concept Kit - 'Triple Red' Design

Adidas Milan Concept Kit - 'Triple Red' Design

Bayern München 24-25 Home Kit

The Adidas Bayern Munich 2024-2025 home football jersey makes full use of the club's nickname, "Die Roten" (The reds), by having different shades of red only.

FC Bayern Adidas Home Shirt 2024-25
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